Funny poster, kick your ass


Woman is dangerous, even just on the poster.

Funny blondes, put your butts here


Funny shark sofa


Cute lady, lucky shark. Who cares about the sofa?

Even dog likes you when you take off your pants

funny moment, dog-staring-at-thong-falling-woman

If dog likes it, man should also. Anyway, don't be shy girl, your buttocks look not so bad.

Photo bomb, naked buttocks


When you see so many bitches, you also cannot hold your pants. So, don't laugh at this guy.

Funny photo with buttocks


Nice buttocks. I also want to go to the beach too. But if you send your photo to your friends, nobody will notice you.  

Big photo bomb


Typical American buttocks, huge and possibly explosive. Anyway, most of readers will not notice the buttocks because of the sexy girl and her boobs.

Curious man studying girl’s buttocks


He is jobless, looking for something to fix or screw. Anyway, he should have been a PhD if he had used  his curiosity from primary school.

Funny group photo: boobs and butts


When these ladies show boobs, what can you show? This guy gives a correct answer.

Funny family photo in the swimming pool

funny family photo in swimming pool, naked buttocks

Father is often missed in a family photo. This disgruntled father revenges.

Funny buttocks

funny naked buttocks of a woman, photo bomb

Nothing wrong with the travelers. Enjoy your stay now, ans enjoy the buttocks later.

Funny kid and smiling parents

funny kids and smiling parents

Parents are always proud of their kids. Kids know it; even their buttocks know it.

Funny kids: bad boy

funny kids, bad boy look the buttocks of a girl

Boys like man: they are always curious about woman.

The lost dog

the lost dog due to big ass

Big ass and little dog. This is so common. Now you know why there are so many lost dogs due to big asses.

Statue and sexy girls

funny statue staring at  sexy girls

Not only their mouths, but also eyes, are hungry, when there are any sexy girls. This is called live statue; that is why most people will take photos with them.

Funny water closet

funny water closet, mouth licking your buttocks

Water closet can be amusing, not just stinky. You probably will feel better if you can image it is your boss who is licking your buttocks there.