Drunken and sleeping girls: wet jeans and sharing the toilet


Good parenting, use big headphone and loud music to keep babies sleep


Drunken and sleeping girls: sleep in the toilet


Drunken and sleeping girls: I want more!


Drunken and sleeping girls: it is up to you!

drunken-sleeping-girl-you-can-do-whatever-you want

Drunken and sleeping girl from Capital University


Sleep in bowl

funny-drink-and-sleep in bowl

Another drink and sleep.

Funny kid sleep in the toilet

funny-kid-sleep in toilet

Kids can sleep anywhere. So, they have no sleep problems. If you have sleep problems, sleep in toilet, not on bed.

Sleep in the urinal


When you drink more than you can, you will not be able to differ beer and urine.  So, sleeping on urinal simply gives better sleep.

Funny drink and sleep, sleep on the wheel


After drinking, people can sleep anywhere including whores.  But sleeping in the wheel need some skills. For example, how to enter the narrow space? If you want to know the answer, drink more.

Erection when sleeping in the beach


Actually, 90% man has this syndrome, if they have no erection problems. Most  of them never realize or acknowledge this.  So, don't laugh at this guy.  Admire him because he can sense and detect the sexy girl nearby even in sleep.

Funny curve fitting bed

funny curve fitting bed, a good excuse for not sleeping with your wife or girl friend

A good reason not to sleep with your wife or girlfriend.

How to sleep safely in office?

funny hairdo, sleep in the office and nobody knows

Having a nap in office is a dream for most people. This innovative hair style will do the job. Nobody notices when you are sleeping on the desk.

Funny sleeping kid

funny sleeping kid

Sleep is always joyful. Kids can enjoy it anywhere, any time. But man need a bed and one or more woman.

Funny baby sleeping

funny baby sleeping with shoes

Cute baby. Enjoy your sleep.

Lazy cat sleeping

funny cat sleeping, dry itself

Cool cat, dry yourself, or sleeping?

funny sleeping kid

funny sleeping girl

She is too tired, surely.

How to sleep with your baby

funny daddy sleeping with baby

Taking care of a baby is an energy-consuming task. Therefore daddy usually sleeps faster than the kids..