Bad parenting: shopping with kid


Good parenting: how to carry a baby with a shopping bag


Good parenting, use big headphone and loud music to keep babies sleep


Kid and Whiskey


Child cheater and angry girl


Funny statue, fucking the cat


Who is funny, the baby or the cat? Anyway, it is a fuck.

Funny baby carrying

funny daddy carrying baby in train

Carrying a baby in a train is not easy for mothers, but for fathers, it is too simple.

Baby sitting, drink together

funny baby sitting, drink together

Good job. Set the example on how to drink.

I did this to you

funny slogan, I did this to you, for the new baby

Are you sure you did it, poor guy? Maybe your best friend did it, only your wife or girlfriend knows. Anyway, congratulations for the new baby.

Funny baby sleeping

funny baby sleeping with shoes

Cute baby. Enjoy your sleep.

How to lift a baby

funny illustration, how to lift a baby

This is a mini guide on caring a baby.. Just for laughing..

How to sleep with your baby

funny daddy sleeping with baby

Taking care of a baby is an energy-consuming task. Therefore daddy usually sleeps faster than the kids..