How to be funny?

how-to-be-funnyBeing a funny guy gives you the advantages in your work and life. But not everyone is funny by nature.

The good news is that being funny can be taught and trained. All they need to become super hilarious, witty, interesting and great at conversation are the right training or tools.

“How to be Funny in just 7 days”  by Stan Still will turn you into a confident conversation master within 7 days. In this Book, you will learn:

  • The scientific formula behind what actually makes a joke funny
  • How to Triple your humorous ability in one single evening
  • How  to make anything funny instantly
  • How to make anyone laugh without having to think for even a second
  • How to craft one of those “tear-jerking” type jokes that leaves your “victims” laughing in absolute pain
  • The secret to making “high-status” people laugh
  • How to end awkward silences
  • How to become the comeback king
  • The simple trick that makes any insult you say — ridiculously funny. Make anyone you dislike look like an idiot… and have all of their “friends” laughing at them almost instantly
  • Being a conversationalist and funny guy, no matter where you are

The book has 250+ pages. But it is so easy to read that you will never feel the length. After 7 days, you will be transformed into a conversation master.

The book is on sale now. You may check and grab a copy now (with all freebies) using this link: How to be Funny in 7 Days

Enjoy your reading!! Be a funny guy!


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