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Archives for August 2011

Funny drink and sleep, sleep on the wheel


After drinking, people can sleep anywhere including whores.  But sleeping in the wheel need some skills. For example, how to enter the narrow space? If you want to know the answer, drink more.

Funny statue: I can beat you

funny-statue-baby beating a man

No wonder there are so many hooligans in UK, and the riot.

Funny statue, fucking the cat


Who is funny, the baby or the cat? Anyway, it is a fuck.

Funny statue, leave head in office


Nowadays, people have to work harder and harder because most  bosses  has become worse and worse. Poor guy, you have to leave your head in the office.

Funny wedding cake: game over

funny wedding cake, game over

Man got married usually for sex. Marriage itself is not as interesting as games.

Funny compact Japanese car

funny Japanese compact car

Well, we all know Japanese car is usually compact. But this one is not only economical, but also looks funny. For ladies who are not good at parking (do I mean all ladies?), this car is a must-have in New York.

Curious man studying girl’s buttocks


He is jobless, looking for something to fix or screw. Anyway, he should have been a PhD if he had used  his curiosity from primary school.

Funny group photo: boobs and butts


When these ladies show boobs, what can you show? This guy gives a correct answer.

It is girls’ fault


Who to laugh? the poor guy holding two heavy ladies. Who to blame for the erection? the two ladies.  

Erection when sleeping in the beach


Actually, 90% man has this syndrome, if they have no erection problems. Most  of them never realize or acknowledge this.  So, don't laugh at this guy.  Admire him because he can sense and detect the sexy girl nearby even in sleep.