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Archives for July 2011

Girl praying clothes for girls in daddy’s computer

funny girl praying clothes for girls in daddy

Kids are kids. Anyway, daddy is daddy.

How to dry dogs?

funny drying dogs

Bathing dog is not a easy job; drying dog is even harder. This picture illustrates how to make it easy..

Come back, eat the wedding cake!

funny wedding cake, come back, you cannot run away

Man understands; he runs. Woman understands; he cannot run .... Simple!!

The Simpsons in the beach

funny beach work, the Simpsons in the beach

Funny beach work. Hi Homer. so many girls!!

How to sleep safely in office?

funny hairdo, sleep in the office and nobody knows

Having a nap in office is a dream for most people. This innovative hair style will do the job. Nobody notices when you are sleeping on the desk.

Bad boy

funny drunken kid drinking and smoking

Train your kids early to be sociable.

Funny revenge of kids

funny kid

Kids may take revenges, if they feel they are insulted. Peeing to a car is very popular among kids..

When wish comes true

funny wishing well, woman turns man

Do not make wishes before you understand the consequences.

Happy farther’s day for those not using condom

funny condom ads, happy father

Side effects of this ad: guys suffer from premature ejaculation will look for non-Durex products.

Funny group photo

funny group photo pouring water from the top,

Group photo can be fun. Pouring water on these stupid guys is even more fun. And..... photo doctoring is surely the most enjoyable.