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Archives for June 2011

Blow job, too big

funny Durex XXL condom ad, blow job

Another Durex XXL condom ad. The consequence of blow job if it is too big. Be aware, girls.

Funny mug, frog climbing

funny mug, frog climbing

Nice mug, nice frog.

How to secure your password?

funny computer nerd, how to secure your password, cover yourself

An innovative way to secure your password. At least, nobody can peer it.

Nerd’s bicycles

funny nerd

Nice mechanical design. Nerd's favorite.

Tulipan condom ad: happy aunts

funny Tulipan condom ads, happy aunts

Where comes the girl (or boy) if this Tulipan condom works? Better choose Durex, because all Durex ads only has the sexy and happy woman. No Kidding.

Small bike

funny small bike and the adult

Surely, the bike is too small for him. How did he fit himself in?

Funny condom ads: take longer

funny condom ads, play crossword,  long pleasure

Play crossword? It seems the sex is boring for the guy. Poor condom.

Funny house on the railway bridge

funny house on a railway bridge

Easy to catch the train. Seen in China (maybe wrong).

Dog’s revenge for being neutered

funny dog peeing on the woman, revenge for being neutered

Being neutered is usually against dog's will as most animals want sex. So, whenever chance comes, dog will revenge.

Funny egg sofa

funny egg sofa

Egg sofa. Maybe your wife will like it.