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Archives for May 2011

How to lock a car

funny car locking with a chain lock

Unfortunately, HowStuffWorks forgot to include this.

Funny urinal-suck it

funny urinal, mouth, suck it, female

It is funny, but not attractive for man. A female's mouth is needed; otherwise, use it in the lady's room.

Horn? Braid?

funny photobomb, girl

Nice photo. Perfect match. I am talking about the thigh.

Funny subway’s sexy sign

funny sex sign for Subway

Poor marketing team in Subway. Poor way to attract attention. Enjoy your sex and the Sandwich.

House for sale sign

funny house for sale sign, neighbor is an asshole

A genuine reason for the sale. Straightforward and honest. If our politicians can be that honest, our life surely would be far better.

Sex education: do you want to have sex with Hitler?

funny sex education, stay cool, or you will be screwed by Hitler

Current or even previous generations cannot read it properly, as not so many girls hate Hitler any more. Anyway, at that time, girls were different from today's, and they would not want to be screwed by a politician unless there were no choices.

funny sign: used cow for sale

funny yard sign, used cow for sale

How was it (she) being used?

Cheating husband sign

funny yard sign, cheating husband

Ex-wife is always the most dangerous.

Sex education: what will you bring home

funny sex education, not bring AIDS home

When picking up a girl, think whether she is clean. The problem is people will only think about this when it is too late.

Bird’s lesson: how to poop on people

funny bird book, how to poop on people

Not only human beings are leaning, but also the animals. We learn how to kill animals, so, animals learn how to shit on us.