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Archives for March 2011

Ass Symbols

funny ass symbols

The definite guide on ass symbols: normal ass, big ass, tight ass, rich ass, bitch ass, and smart ass..

Wedding cars

funny wedding cars

Wedding is not just for two persons; more parties are also involved, including cars.

Funny oops

funny oops


Photo bomb: dog mating

funny photo bomb, dog mating

Photo bomb of dog mating.

Lady parking

funny woman parking

Another proof that woman is good at parking..

WTF, tear off

funny tear off, WTF


Touch the breast

funny pose, enjoy the breast

Shit pose! enjoy the breast!

Free strips

free strips, funny tear off

Free, and maybe open source as well?

Have you seen this flier

haev you seen this flier?

Still better than "are you sure?" from Microsoft.

No fucking zone

funny sign, no fucking in fucking zone

no fucking in in fucking zone? Does it remind horny couples to upload now?